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    October 15, 2019 3 min read

    Read our thoughts on how the Magnifying Mirror Store selects its range of Makeup Mirrors and the features we think are important.

    We want the magnifying mirrors we sell to be of good quality, finished nicely and made of suitable materials. For example in the bathroom a magnifying beauty mirror should be moisture-proof and rustproof.

    Plus we want the products we sell to work well so that our clients can be confident they have made the right choice when purchasing from us.

    For these reasons over many years we have built strong relationships with some of the best European suppliers of magnifying mirrors and we carefully select the best they have to offer.

    1. Mirrors That Will Help Our Clients Look And Feel Better Each And Every Day.

    We select mirrors with precise and clear magnification so that our clients can complete their daily cleansing and beauty routines in the most efficient and precise way possible. Removing and applying cosmetics with accuracy, removing skin imperfections, impurities, blackheads and unwanted facial hear.

    We know it’s important to have a clear image and this is especially true if our clients wear glasses.

    Not surprising our supplier’s also supply some of Europe’s finest hotels, cosmetics retailers, jewellers, perfumeries and beauty salons.

    2. Mirrors That Are Practical and Time Saving.

    Mostly we prefer beauty mirrors that are double sided although a single sided magnifying mirror placed next to the main bathroom mirror is acceptable..

    One side is a "true view" mirror showing the whole face exactly as the world will see it today. The other side shows a magnified image to be used to view areas our clients may wish to enhance - Lips, eyes, neck, etc. Just a quick flick to change from a precise magnified mirror to a true view mirror without magnification. Look at the detail and then look again at the overall face and so forth until the result is perfect.

    We have also selected an excellent range of LED illuminated mirrors. In our opinion the advantage of good illumination around the mirror surface and onto the face should not be underestimated. Especially if the bathroom or cosmetics area is not well lit.


    3. Mirrors That Can Be Exactly Positioned For Ease Of Use.

    We select mirrors that can be accurately positioned leaving both hands free.

    The correct distance from the face for easy viewing is about 20cm.

    Our wall mirrors with adjustable arms can be moved and rotated from side to side, pushed away or drawn closer to the face. Our mirrors are of course designed not to sag or wobble when correctly installed.

    Our tabletop mirrors also can be moved between rooms and are a good choice if you prefer to be seated.

    We believe that once you own one of our beauty mirrors you will not want to leave home without it so we also stock a small range of travel mirrors. 

    The travel mirrors we stock are small enough to fit into a travel bag to take with you but large enough to be useful once you arrive at your destination. They can be handheld or will stand on a table surface.

    4. An attractive Accessory to complete your bathroom.

    We carefully select the best mirrors from leading manufacturers and designers in Germany and Italy. Manufacturers that display the advantages of excellent design, quality rustproof materials and precision manufacturing.

    Many of our contemporary styles are favourites with Interior Designers and architects.

    We hope you will find the range we have selected meets your own criteria.

    Please contact us we would love to hear your opinions and answer questions.

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