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    October 15, 2019 1 min read

    To our mind a good shaving mirror must offer the following

    1. Able To Be Mounted Where It Is Of Most Use.

    This will most likely be in wet area such as the shower area or close to a washbasin.

    So all our recommended shaving mirrors are selected to be water resistant and rustproof.

    The exception is LED illuminated mirrors. For electrical safety reasons these should not be installed in the shower but are fine close to washbasin (subject to local electrical safety requirements).

    2. Quick And Easy To Use.

    When not in use our mirrors sit compactly against the wall. However they feature fully adjustable arms and can be easily positioned as required, thus leaving both hands free. Our mirrors are expertly designed and will not sag or wobble when correctly installed.

    3. Magnifications.

    All our mirrors are optically clear and precise. We recommend two magnification options.

    3-Fold Magnification – Sufficient for general shaving.

    5-Fold Magnification – This level of magnification will show all the detail required to shave perfectly, apply men’s cosmetics, precise beard styling plus remove skin impurities, ingrown facial hair, etc.

    5x magnification is recommended for clients who wear glasses.

    We trust you will find the best mirror for you in our range.

    If you have any questions please contact us.

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