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Lineabeta Italia


Lineabeta Tabletop Mirror, 3 X

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Imported from our exclusive Italian supplier.

Quality Materials: Chromed brass and stainless steel.

3x Magnification: Perfect for putting on and removing make-up.

Easy to Use Design Details: Our tabletop mirrors are designed to be attractive, useful and easily moveable. Transfer them between rooms or vanity tops. Tabletop mirrors are an especially good choice if you like to sit down when enjoying your morning makeup or shaving rituals.

Adjustable: The double sided mirror, with a choice of 3x or 1x magnifications, can easily be flipped back and forth to the desired magnification. 


  • 2 year Replacement Warranty.
  • 21 Day Returns Policy.
  • FREE DELIVERY within NZ and Australia.

      This Mirror's features:

      • Dimensions: Mirror diameter 190mm - Base diameter 140mm - Height 395mm. 1.88Kg.
      • Double sided with 3x magnification on one side and true view on the other.
      • Mirror can easily be flipped back and forth to the desired magnification.
      • Sturdy base can rest comfortably on a table top.
      • Chromed brass and stainless steel construction is rustproof.
      • No assembly required

      About the Manufacturer LINEABETA:

      • A renowned Italian Bathroom Design Studio based just outside of Venice, Italy.