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Magnifying Mirrors For Your Wall

 What Is The Perfect Wall Mirror? - When extended the mirror surface should be at just below eye level and about 20cm from your face and able to hold that position leaving both of your hands. Next to a main bathroom mirror and with good illumination completes the picture.

Adjustment - Some mirrors have more adjustability than others and thats all to do with the design of the mounting arm. So look out for terms like 'extra reach', 'single arm' and ' 'fixed arm'.

Single Arm - Swivels out and then back to the wall.

Extra Reach -  A double arm that can be mounted to a side wall plus provides maximum reach.

Fixed Arm - No adjustment except for the ball joint behind the mirror.

Mirror Shape and Size - Generally we recommend round magnifying mirrors with a diameter of about 20cm. But it's not a biggy if you prefer square, rectangular or smaller sizes.