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    Frasco Stainless Steel Tabletop Mirror, 3x


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    Frasco Tabletop Mirror, Stainless Steel, 3x Magnification, Ø 179mm

    Assembled from precisely machined stainless steel and topped by a high quality rimless mirror with 3x magnification.

    3-Fold Magnification

    Distortion Free: This mirror has been handmade in Germany in accordance with the manufacturers proprietary 165 step production process. The result is precise magnification, distortion-free optical glass and a perfectly centered focal point. The proprietary design provides comfort and avoids eye strain.  

    Adjustable: The mirror is mounted on a pivot and can be angled as required.

    • 18cm diameter single sided mirror with 3x magnification, 28cm tall, 11cm round base
    • Stainless steel construction.
    • Sturdy base can rest comfortably on a table top.
    • A joint and lever behind the mirror permit fine adjustment of the mirrors angle upwards or downwards.
    • 2 year Replacement Warranty.
    • FREE DELIVERY within NZ and Australia.

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    Manufactured by FRASCO Germany.