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Frasco Germany


Stickon Wall Mirror, 5 X

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Avoid installation headaches!

Our German made Stickon magnifying mirrors are a simple and quick solution. They stick to any flat clean surface. No drilling or screws required.

Compact: Able to be wall mounted anywhere there is 20cm of clean, flat wall space (min. 16cm).

Quality Materials: Stainless steel arm and commercial quality adhesion technology.

Adjustable: The 5cm fixed arm does not move but the mirror has a ball mounting and can be angled to improve positioning.

Guaranteed Distortion Free: This mirror has been handmade in Germany in accordance with the manufacturers proprietary 165 step production process. The result is precise magnification, distortion-free optical glass and a perfectly centered focal point.

5x STRONG Magnification: We recommend this mirror for use as either a Shaving or Beauty Mirror. 5x magnfication is our recommended magnification if you wear glasses or if you require a more detailed image. For example for woman this would be to apply makeup with accuracy, pluck eyebrows and other facial hair, remove skin impurities, etc. For men who wish to shave accurately, style a beard, clear impurites or apply men's cosmetics.

Made in Germany:  At the manufacturer's own purpose built facility in Eckental, Germany.


  • 2 year Replacement Warranty.
  • 21 Day Returns Policy.
  • FREE DELIVERY within NZ and Australia.

This Mirror's features:

  • Weighs 180 grams.
  • 15cm diameter frameless single sided mirror with 5x magnification.
  • Fixed 5cm stainless steel arm. Mirror has swivel joint at the rear.
  • Stainless steel construction is rustproof.
  • Adhesive wall plates sticks to any flat clean surface. No drilling or screws required.

About the Manufacturer FRASCO:

  • Handmade in Germany since 1920 to DIN and CE quality standards.
  • Optically correct and distortion free glass. The same glass used by Frasco is used in microscopes, telescopes and luxury car mirrors, including those for Mercedes Benz.
  • Precise magnification is the result of the combination of distortion-free optical glass and a unique method of bending the master lens to obtain a perfectly centered focal point in the finished mirror. 
  • All metal parts used in the fabrication of Frasco mirrors are also manufactured in Germany and are solid brass and stainless steel.