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Frasco Germany


Frasco Tabletop Mirror, Height Adjustable, 5 X

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 A luxury German-made tabletop magnifying mirror.

5x STRONG Magnification: Perfect if you wear glasses or need a highly detailed image to help with precisely applying cosmetics, clearing skin impurities, plucking facial hairs, etc.

Quality Materials: Chromed brass and stainless steel.

Guaranteed Distortion Free: This mirror has been handmade in Germany in accordance with the manufacturers proprietary 165 step production process. The result is precise magnification, distortion-free optical glass and a perfectly centered focal point. The proprietary design provides comfort and avoids eye strain.

Perfect Function with Double Sided Mirror: The double sided mirror, with a choice of 5x or 1x magnifications, can easily be flipped back and forth to the desired magnification.  

Easy to Use Design Details: The mirror can be height adjusted or removed and hand held if required. 


  • 2 year Replacement Warranty.
  • 21 Day Returns Policy.
  • FREE DELIVERY within NZ and Australia.

This Mirror's features:

  • 19cm diameter double sided mirror with 5x magnification + 1x magnification.
  • Mirror can easily be flipped back and forth to the desired magnification.
  • Sturdy base can rest comfortably on a table top.
  • Dimensions: Height adjustable from 35-44cm high and 19cm mirror diameter.
  • No assembly required 

     About the Manufacturer FRASCO:

    • Handmade in Germany since 1920 to DIN and CE quality standards.
    • Optically correct and distortion free glass. The same glass used by Frasco is used in microscopes, telescopes and luxury car mirrors, including those for Mercedes Benz.
    • Precise magnification is the result of the combination of distortion-free optical glass and a unique method of bending the master lens to obtain a perfectly centered focal point in the finished mirror. 
    • All metal parts used in the fabrication of Frasco mirrors are also manufactured in Germany and are solid brass and stainless steel.