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Frasco Germany


Frasco Tabletop Mirror, Stainless Steel, 3 X

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A great choice when your bathroom design requires a brushed or satin finish rather than polished chrome.

Stainless Steel:Assembled from precisely machined stainless steel stand components and topped by a high quality rimless mirror with 3x magnification.

3-Fold Magnification: For putting on and removing makeup. For men's general shaving duties. Not generally sufficient if you wear glasses.


NOTE: If you wear glasses or need a highly detailed image to help with precise shaving, applying cosmetics with accuracy, clearing blackheads, beard styling, plucking facial hairs, etc then consider our range of 5-fold STRONG magnification mirrors as the 3x magnification this mirror offers will usually not be sufficient.

Quality Materials: Stainless steel.

Guaranteed Distortion Free: This mirror has been handmade in Germany in accordance with the manufacturers proprietary 165 step production process. The result is precise magnification, distortion-free optical glass and a perfectly centered focal point. The proprietary design provides comfort and avoids eye strain.  

Easy to Use Design Details: Our tabletop mirrors are designed to be attractive, useful and easily moveable. Transfer them between rooms or vanity tops. Tabletop mirrors are an especially good choice if you like to sit down when enjoying your morning makeup or shaving rituals.

Adjustable: The mirror is mounted on a pivot and can be angled as required.


  • 2 year Replacement Warranty.
  • 21 Day Returns Policy.
  • FREE DELIVERY within NZ and Australia.

This Mirror's features:

  • 18cm diameter single sided mirror with 3x magnification.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Sturdy base can rest comfortably on a table top.
  • A joint and lever behind the mirror permit fine adjustment of the mirrors angle upwards or downwards.
  • Rustproof.
  • Dimensions: 28cm tall, 11cm round base and 18cm diameter mirror.
  • No assembly required

       About the Manufacturer FRASCO:

      • Handmade in Germany since 1920 to DIN and CE quality standards.
      • Optically correct and distortion free glass. The same glass used by Frasco is used in microscopes, telescopes and luxury car mirrors, including those for Mercedes Benz.
      • Precise magnification is the result of the combination of distortion-free optical glass and a unique method of bending the master lens to obtain a perfectly centered focal point in the finished mirror. 
      • All metal parts used in the fabrication of Frasco mirrors are also manufactured in Germany and are solid brass and stainless steel.