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    October 15, 2019 2 min read

    Too many magnifying mirrors are purchased, installed and after a short time no longer used.

    With over 160 production steps some manufacturers will be tempted to cut corners so you need to know what’s important before you buy.

    MISTAKE 1 - The Enlarged Image is Uncomfortable To Use.


    Image distortion due to imperfections in the mirror surface. This is the manufacturer using cheaper manufacturing techniques and lower quality glass.

    Unnatural and Extreme Magnifications can make it difficult to maintain the correct focal distance and keep the image centred. Over time this will cause eye strain and discomfort.


    Our suppliers use distortion free crystal glass and scientifically selected magnifications that are sufficient to meet the user’s needs but are proven to be comfortable and avoid eye strain even over many years of use.


    MISTAKE 2 – The Mirror Doesn’t Hold Position. Really Annoying If You Need Both Hands Free.


    Wobbly or Sagging Mirror Arms – the mirror droops, swings to the side and requires repeated adjustment.

    Loose Nuts and bolts – This means repeatedly needing to tighten the nuts and bolts that hold the mirror together.


    Buy a recognised brand with a history of quality. Our preferred suppliers have a combined 200+ years experience manufacturing quality mirrors and durable bathroom fittings.  

    You can purchase from our store the same quality mirrors supplied to 5-star hotels, beauty salons, jewellery shops, perfumeries and department stores throughout Europe.


    MISTAKE 3 – Rust and Mirror De-silvering

    Rust - It may require 6-12 months to occur but bathrooms and showers are wet areas and are not kind to materials that rust. Premium manufacturers select rustproof materials for all components in the mirrors construction. Right down to the smallest crew or nut.

    Mirror De-silvering -This is a brown delamination of the silvering at the back of the mirror surface, usually starting around the mirror edge. Not only unattractive de-silvering can make the mirror unusable and cannot be repaired without replacing the entire mirror surface.


    One of the 160+ construction steps our suppliers follow includes sealing the mirror edge and backing to prevent unsightly desilvering.

    All our mirrors are manufactured from rustproof chromed brass and stainless steel.


    MISTAKE 4 – Lack of Practise.

    It you have decided to buy one of our mirrors then problems 1 to 3 won’t apply to you.

    Now simply take a little time to become used to your new bathroom aid. Find your own best way to use your new mirror and enjoy the benefits.

    When selecting any fitting for your bathroom think good design and durable rust proof materials.
    Use your magnifying mirror every day to speed up your daily routines – Makeup, shaving, clearing skin impurities. You’ll soon love your new magnifying mirror.
    All our mirrors are sourced from reputable European manufacturers and designers, are exported worldwide and are guaranteed to meet CE certification. We also offer a 21 day risk free returns policy and a 2 year replacement warranty. 

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