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Our mirrors are made of distortion-free optical glass with a perfectly centered focal point. Our mirrors use the same glass used in microscopes, telescopes and luxury car mirrors.

All metal parts used in our mirror frames and arms are of brass and stainless steel. For further protection brass surfaces are coated with a thick layer of protective chrome. High quality plastics are used where required for technical reasons.

Our products are made of the highest quality rust resistant materials - chromed brass, stainless steel, glass and bathroom quality plastics.


We stock mirrors with 3x magnification, 5x STRONG magnification and  some models are available with 7x EXTRA STRONG magnification.

If you wear glasses we recommend you select a mirror with 5x STRONG magnification. This magnification shows great detail but is still gentle on the eye.  Good for precise shaving, applying cosmetics with accuracy, clearing blackheads, beard styling, plucking facial hairs, etc.

Our mirror magnifications are selected to the standard radius of concavity thus providing comfort and avoiding eye strain over many years of use. 


Yes we carry all our products ex-stock for prompt shipment (unless otherwise stated in our product documentation).

We ship to New Zealand, Australian and US addresses.

Yes we offer free shipping on orders over $50.

We can deliver to PO Boxes in NZ and Australia.


There are no additional charges from us on orders over $50.00. However there may be Customs and Duty charges depending on where you live outside New Zealand. Please refer to our Shipping Information Page.

All our products are charged in NZ Dollars (NZD).

For your convenience this website will show estimated AUD and USD prices.


We are always seeking to offer our customers the best and widest choice. Our preferred suppliers are Frasco (Germany), Emco (Germany) and Lineabeta (Italy). Please contact us if you would like us to source a particular brand or style for your project.


Our standard finish is polished chrome and stainless steel. We can offer polished brass and other finishes on request. Please contact us if you have a special request.


In addition to your rights under NZ consumer law we offer a simple and complete 2 YEAR REPLACEMENT WARRANTY. Please refer to our Warranty Page for further information.


For technical reasons we don't offer the European LED mirrors with extension cord and plug. The European plug supplied doesn't fit NZ/AU sockets and the plug can't be changed as the driver for the LED is built into it.

The wall mirrors we do stock are designed primarily for direct connection and have the LED driver inside the wall bracket.

It is possible to drill a small hole in the side of the mirror's wall bracket and connect an extension cord and plug through this hole. We don't offer this service but a good electrician or an appliance repair shop could do this.

The mirror would then be screwed to the wall and simply plugged in. Please confirm with your electrician that this alteration will meet local codes.