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    May 31, 2022 1 min read

    "Bella figura"

    See a better you


    The Italian say "Bella figura" as the essence of "looking good". Of course it's physical appearance but it extends to the aura you project too - i.e. confidence, style, demeanour, etc.

    Bella Figura really means making a good impression and feeling good about ourselves. Presenting ourselves the best we can. 

    A magnifying mirror is a wonderful and necessary bathroom aid used daily. Many small facial details are only visible in a good magnifying mirror. Perfect the details and voila a Mona Lisa results.

    For this reason magnifying Shaving and Beauty Mirrors are one of the most popular bathroom accessories throughout Europe. Many of our clients buy one of our mirrors after enjoying one in a European hotel.


    Not only will a good magnifying mirror help you create your personal "Mona Lisa" it will let you do this in a fast and reliable fashion. 


    So solving one of the most vexing beauty and shaving problems - How do we complete all our personal beauty routines when we're running late. Even when we are in a rush we still need to look our best and not miss important details.


    With practise a good mirror becomes an indispensable daily tool. Helping you look your best and adding accuracy and speed to your morning routines – cosmetics, shaving, clearing skin of impurities, plucking unwanted facial hairs. 
    Especially helpful if you wear glasses. 


    You will look and feel so much better.


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