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    Lineabeta Flexi Arm Tabletop Mirror, 3x


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    Lineabeta Flexi Tabletop Mirror, 3x Magnification, Round, Ø 188mm

    Tabletop Beauty Mirror on Flexi Arm

    Designed and imported from Italy.

    3-Fold Magnification: For putting on and removing makeup. For men's general shaving duties.

    • Mirror diameter 188mm - Base diameter 130mm - Height 335mm.
    • The mirror is protected by a strong stainless steel backing plate and is single sided.
    • Chromed brass and stainless steel construction is rustproof.
    • 2 year Replacement Warranty.
    • FREE DELIVERY within NZ and Australia.

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    About the Manufacturer LINEABETA: A renowned Italian Bathroom Design Studio based just outside of Venice, Italy.